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Posted by Ryan Sharrow on Jun 16, 2007

Pierce, there is some rotation involved in a proper paddling stroke. Whether this level of motion will be a problem for you depends on your specific restrictions. I'm a physical therapist, and I can tell you that my opinion is that gentle paddling can actually be quite therapeutic for many with spinal issues. Here's what I would do if I were in your place. Do a little research on paddling technique so you can have an idea of what the movement is. There are many videos available on the web. Then talk to your doctor to get basic clearance for these movements. Then take these recommendations to a Physical Therapist to get further direction on stretching and strengthening that will work with your goals of kayaking as well as maintenance of back health. Kayak selection and fit will be of utmost importance for you, as cockpit dimensions and seat support in many kayaks could put you in compromising positions. I know that all this seems a bit excessive, but I think that if you do this kind of background work kayaking could be a very rewarding exercise choice. Whatever you do, ease your way into it. Good luck!!!

p.s. sorry about the long winded response, it's just a fun topic for me to talk about!

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