Not a good idea.

Posted by CLC on Jun 13, 2007

The Sunfish's 75sq.ft. rig is too big and too heavy for a kayak. The CLC SailRig was engineered specifically for kayaks, which are built very light (for paddling) and have a finite ability to absorb the torque loads of the mast and rig. The Sunfish has big, heavy, stiff aluminum spars and the Sunfish hull has a heavy and elaborate mast step structure to handle the loads.

The stock 55sq.ft. sail for the CLC SailRig is mounted on a whippy mast that bends to release energy. The Sunfish mast is a rigid stick of aluminum, and combined with all that sail area, pretty soon it'll tear the light kayak into pieces.

You might be able to convert the blade of the Sunfish rudder, but I'd pass on that particular rig.

CLC SailRig

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