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Posted by Norm on Jun 9, 2007

Matt ---

It's nice to see another Millcreek in the works! I'm at the final stages myself...a 16.5 like yours.

This is what I did: I put in three sets of seat cleats/rails. Two of them are in the typical fore and aft locations as per the plans. The third set is located just about mid-ship, slightly behind the forward knees. It's all approx. at this point...I allowed myself some sliding room to adjust as necessary for trim once in the water.

Regarding the foot braces... I did away with the ones in the plans (I'm building from scratch). Instead, I fabricated adjustable footbraces that I found on another site. If you visit it, look on the second page of pics. The braces are fairly easy to make. I discovered that you can use the forward foot braces for solo work by adjusting as follows: Take the sliding portion of the braces off, and swap them port to starboard, and starboard to port. Then, once exchanged, flip them front to back. Then attach as you would otherwise. It sounds complicated, but it can work.

As far as gluing them on, I simply mixed some 'poxy with a bunch of cab-o-sil, and got it well beyond the mayo thickness. That way, the brace bottoms can be glued to the sides with no additional clamping necessary.

I hope this helps you out. Let me know how things work out!

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