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Posted by John Pollard on Jun 5, 2007

We like having the sail area divided between the mainsail and jib on the Passagemaker. When the wind pipes up, dousing the jib is like taking in a reef, and the boat sails fine under main alone.

We also like the extra carrying capacity offered by the PMD (650 lbs v. 450 for the Jimmy Skiff), in a more compact package. The PMD is very stable and can haul a serious load, which is nice if you plan to take family or friends out for a daysail with picnic and other gear.

I agree with the earlier post that the longer oars can be a tight squeeze at times, especially around docks. We use 7 1/2 ft rather than 8 ft oars, which helps somewhat.

Good luck choosing. Don't forget to check out the PMD builder's forum:

PMD Forum

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