Re: Interior Epoxy Prep

Posted by Laszlo on Jun 5, 2007


Yes, you need to scuff all the surfaces for varnish to adhere.

Try putting new epoxy only on the low spots. For the moment, don't worry so much about uniform sanding as filling the lows. Use very thin coats (roll on, tip with foam brush or squeegee on), avoid a bristle brush like the plague at this point.

Put at least 2 thin coats on the low spots, then one thin coat overall and then use #220 sandpaper to sand everything. Once all the lows have been converted to pinholes, one more thin coat and a last sanding will do it.

The key is very thin coats. 5 or 6 very thin coats of epoxy will give a better finish than 2 or 3 thick coats, and use less epoxy, too.

The outside will be a lot easier - no bulkheads, lots of room and an outward curve.


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