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Posted by Jim E on Jun 5, 2007

In my dinghy-racing racing days, I evolved a method for solo-lifting a Laser onto a roofrack without strain. It could be adapted for a Mill Creek, which is quite a bit lighter than a Laser. You only have to lift one end at a time.

Start with the boat on the ground with the bow to the side of the car, level with the rear roofrack bar, and the stern directly behind the car. Put some padding, like a rolled up tarp, under the stern. Pick up the bow, swivel, put the bow down on the rear roofrack bar. Pick up the stern and push forward. Wiggle it from side to side if it's reluctant to slide.

It works best with a hatchback style car, where the roofrack bar is near the back edge, The Laser goes on upside down, but a Mill Creek would sit right-side up on it's bottom panel.

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