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Posted by Whitney on Jun 4, 2007

Many thanks to all who have responded - we're going into the shop tonight to mock up the cockpit in doorskin and see just how much of an issue the beam is likely to be.

Dennis - thank you for the photos! Caterina liked seeing another younger girl out on the water, and is bugging the heck out of me to get started on her new boat.

The issue of weight is that she wants to be the one to carry the boat around herself, so it's being built to superlight scantlings with reinforcements in strategic places (full-length Dynel keel strip and carbon deck underlay around the coaming and hatches). I don't know if I can get it below 25 lbs., but I'll be trying!

We also have a local outfitter who has a couple small boats for his daughters and is a strong advocate of Greenland boats and paddles, so I think the first paddle she has will be of the Greenland variety.

Looking forward to another wood & glue adventure!

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