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Posted by Laszlo on Jun 3, 2007

Sold by none other than good old CLC. They say:

"Goldspar� Satin is a modified polyurethane, low luster varnish. One must first apply 2-3 coats of Schooner� varnish for UV protection, then the Goldspar Satin can be applied. Great for the interior bright work of your Eastport Pram, Skerry, or Annapolis Wherry, as well as kayak cockpits."

So the moral of the story, browse the CLC products and Shop Tips. There's a couple of good kayak building book's worth of information in there.

LeeG suggested the sanding trick, but that's a lot more effort than just using Goldspar Satin. I know that may seem inconsistent since I just recently posted a blurb about how relaxing wet sanding is, but that was about prepping for a final coat. When the final coat is the one being sanded, that demands a level of consistency and care which moves it from relaxing to obsessive/compulsive.


PS - Tack cloths are fine after the final coat of epoxy.

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