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Posted by Charlie Jones on Jun 2, 2007

We had a tow boat captain move his barges off the bank over in La and rebank them in front of us to shield us from oncoming tows when we went aground a different time, waiting for a lock to open and us running with a balky engine. He then offloaded his outboard skiff and his crew pulled us off the sand bar and said have a nice day as they left. We never asked, they never told us that's what they were gonna do- they just did it.

We've seen tow boat captains give gasoline to boats in need, from their own skiff supply.

Another time we had engine problems ( that same engine, now history) and a tow boat captain was willing to take us along side and tow us to a place we could get parts, about 15 miles down the ICW. He said- "hell- we can't just LEAVE you out here"

Here in Matagorda Bay, another capt diverted his tows and pulled a couple of kids off an outboard boat that was in difficulty. The Coast Guard was on the way, but the kids ( small ones) were in trouble onboard, so the tow boat took them off and delivered them ashore at a fuel dock, while the parents and Coast Guard dealt with the trouble.

Many many instances of tow boat crews rendering aid along the ICW, at least on the gulf coast. Most are extremely nice people. In 3600 miles by sailboat on the ICW in the last two years, we've run into a total of ONE jerk. And two other skippers gave HIM hell over the radio.

I'm sure that there are capts out there that would do what you say, and what you mention IS good advice, even from a private boater. But don't paint them all with quite so broad a brush.

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