Re: A yak and a pick up

Posted by Brian on Jun 1, 2007

I did a similar thing, but I used the Yakima rig, with one Outdoorsman 300 in the back. That sits on the edge of your bed, so you don't have to keep taking it off when you aren't using it. On the other hand, my gas mileage appreciated it when I took it off. The racks, combined with the Mako Saddles ( dropped me from 26mpg to about 23mpg.

The plus to using just one Outdoorsman was that I could still have my toolbox in the front of my bed. The drawback is that the bar on the Outdoorsman is about 1 or 2 inches higher than the bar on the cab. If you would have a snug fit getting in the garage with a kayak on top already, having the back of it higher than the front will make it even harder.

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