Re: A yak and a pick up

Posted by Ken Leffert on Jun 1, 2007

Very nice looking boat! I have a short-cab full-size Dodge pickup that has one of those flat lids over the bed.........

I use a single bar over the cab for the front and a Thule 'Goalpost' for the rear, this setup holds the boat wonderfully well, but it certainly isn't the most convenient rig..... you can't leave it on the truck as it makes the tailgate inoperative, its rather heavy and awkward to haul from the house to the truck and vice-versa. If I didn't have the cover over the bed, I'd go for something like a Trac-Rac.

You might have enough spread with a king-cab to just use 2 roof bars, idunno, but with my short cab there's just no way.

In Response to: A yak and a pick up by Mike on Jun 1, 2007