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Posted by Russ Hall on May 31, 2007

The 21 ft Chesapeake Triple is soon going to get the glass on the hull. I can't believe the tolerences I can get away with. The keel had 1/4 inch gap extending 3 ft to get the shape wedged out correctly. Just use duct tape and fill er with thicked epoxy.

The last boat was a kit by Don Moore at Waters Dancing. The tolerences are so accurate and tight they say to use a syringe to insert epoxy between the wired up pieces.

I liked the Waters Dancing boat kit even if it took a year to build following Dons insructions to the tee but we are already 6 months ahead of of that boat on the CLC Triple which has been going for about 3 months, starting from sheets.

I find it can be a matter of choice. If we like the extencive detale or want a boat we can use quick. Dons Lightning kit even had a very detaled seat to assemble. Lightning is a nice boat when done but I know Im going to love the CLC Triple.


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