dust prevention

Posted by LeeG on May 30, 2007

1.taking it outside 2.attaching shop vac to ROS with long hose so you can put the shop vac outside 3.smooth initial wet-out coat so subsequent fill coats don't have to be sanded down a lot. 4.thin fill coats so that sanding is on an even surface. 5.reduce glassing overlaps so you don't have to sand in order to fair glass cloth overlaps. 6.use scrapers instead of sander to fair 7.neat deck glass overlap using two layers of tape with sharp utility knife to cut edge of overlap and tape to lift up cut edge. Fairing out a 35'x1/8"x wide edge of glass with sand paper creates a lot less dust than fairing a rough cut of glass that varies according to what the scissors leave behind on a 35'x1" wide overlap.

In Response to: Dust Control by Tim Clark on May 29, 2007