North Bay/unique inlay

Posted by Dave Gentry on May 28, 2007

Hi all. Just launched my North Bay, an older CLC design they no longer offer. It's similar to the Arctic Hawk, but more extreme (maybe that's why they don't offer it anymore?). 18'7" by just 20" wide. Not particularly stable, initially, but with good secondary stability. Rolls easily! Also, it responds instantly to edging and is very fast indeed. There wasn't enough wind to determine if weathercocking will be a problem, though I've read it is.

The deck has some very nice wood grain, though you can't see it in my pic. I dyed the wood a light maple color, since I wanted something different than "okoume pink." The hull is painted hunter green. A better pic can be seen at Dan Millsip's Vancouver "Meet at the Beach" picture site:

Flush forward hatch, with underdeck bungee hold downs. Laminated wooden backband. Stainless steel cables in bow and stern handles (for "theft resistance"). On the forward deck I also added some brass inlay. This is something I've done on a few boats, in various metals, but I don't think has ever been done before. It's a relatively common technique on (older) fine furniture and gun-stocks. I'm proud of my "invention" and I like the effect, a lot(!), but of course I'm biased. Comments welcome!