Re: Arctic Hawk v.Shearwa

Posted by mctech on May 22, 2007

Thanks everyone. Choosing my first boat to build has turned out to be something of an epic process. I'm still looking at a range of models -- but I keep coming back to CLC's implementation of the Shearwater / Merganser. Everything I hear about the performance is highly positive...and I personally like the looks of both the standard S&G and hybrid decks.

Trouble is: I am NOT excited about taking the time and trouble to build anything that I cannot try out personally. Working on that. I'm up on the South Shore of Massachusetts Bay...but I can't make it to the upcoming meet at the beach down in CT. I CAN get to the wooden boat show a few weeks later...but I've read that CLC won't be offering demos...just putting the boats on display. This is likely to take some time before I make a decision.

Meanwhile, I continue to paddle my functional, fun...but barge-like RTM at least I'm out there.

This is a nice board by the excellent resource for new builders who might find the high-caliber discussions on the Kayak Builders Forum somewhat intimidating. Not that I'M intimidated...well, too much anyway.

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