Re: new builder

Posted by Kurt Maurer on May 20, 2007

George sez: 'Everybody here has been issued the "I sound like an idiot" license...'

Raising my right hand before this congregation, I swear to the veracity of his statement, every word of it. I'm starting boat project no. 9 even as we speak.

Hey George, I'm building a canoe, can you believe it? A CANOE. Man, I feel like I need to be placed in rehab, or home for wayward paddlers or something. Hahahahaha, a canoe... I crack myself up sometimes.

Oh crap, now look... we scared John off. No, wadn't my fault, YOU did it. John, come back! JOHN...!!

In Response to: Re: new builder by George K on May 20, 2007