Re: Shearwater kits

Posted by Ryan Sharrow on May 20, 2007

I'll weigh in on the skeg question. I've had my SH17 for a little over a year on Lake Superior, and have paddled in up to 25+ knot sustained windspeeds. It does not need a skeg in these conditions for me, provided I have my seat in the right position (far enough back) and do just a bit of leaning. I'm 6'1" 200#, so I'm at the upper end of the capacity of this boat. I imagine if you are on the lower end you may see more wind effect than I do. On a side note, I recently learned how to roll so if any of you want to see a video of some seriously amateur rolling of a Shearwater, you can check it out at youtube. This boat is REALLY easy to roll, as can be seen in the fact that I didn't wet exit once in a whole minute of taping! ;)

Shearwater rolling

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