Re: Ches 14 for SMALL chi

Posted by Dennis Rioux on May 19, 2007


When I was considering building a kayak for my oldest daughter she was seven at the time and I was thinking a Ch14 might be too big too. But I think the important thing to remember is kids grow -- fast. I built the kayak last winter as a Christmas present and we launched it today, in fact. It was her first time kayaking and she was a little awkward, but I was impressed how fast she could get the thing going. We are tethered in the photo because I didn't want her getting blown up on the rocks. I guess I would say that with all the effort I put into making the kayak it is nice to know she will get a bunch of years use out of it. Just some thoughts. Good luck with your decision.


In Response to: Ches 14 for SMALL child? by Whitney on May 18, 2007