Re: Ches 14 for SMALL chi

Posted by Woodie on May 19, 2007

Scaling down a design is not a simple/straight forward thing to do. Questions: What "reach" are you talking about? Her arms, her legs? Has she paddled one so you know what needs to be changed? Can you solve the problem some other way like a longer paddle or a seat pad? If you built a "smaller boat", how many years would she use it before you had to build the normal size one anyway? If you make it too narrow, you will make it less stable.

The question about "light weight" boats comes down to WHY? A lot of the "advantage" of light weight goes away once the boat is in the water. The real answer is where will she be using it? Over how many rocks will it be dragged? Or how many rocks will it hit when in the water? How much of a surf pounding must it take? You might even want some extra weight in the boat to make it less sensitive to the wind.

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