it's a primitive craft

Posted by LeeG on May 19, 2007

think of it like a shoe. Some shoes need to be boots and some need to be flip flops. But they're still shoes. Adding microprocessors and piezoelectric transducers won't change the fact that one foot has to go in front of the other.

For the range of wind/wave conditions you are able to paddle in the kayak should have a normal response to leaning to make it more maneuverable and you should be able to figure out where to put the paddle, how to apply power through your body, and where to remove the paddle in order to make the kayak go where you want it to go.

Adding tracking aids is a perfectly reasonable thing if desired or the kayaks handling attributes are better realized with them.

You're really operating in three dimensions on the water and the motor/drivetrain is so loosely connected that a lot of the fine tuning you seek can be done from the cockpit as the forces acting on the hull are assymetric and variable.

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