Ches 14 for SMALL child?

Posted by Whitney on May 18, 2007

I have plans for a Ches 14, and a six-year-old daughter/fish, and was pondering a few questions about the boat:

Can the plans safely be scaled down about 15% to better fit her current reach? Is there any practical reason I wouldn't be able to make the boat out of 3MM okume rather than 4MM? Any reason to not go with lighter 'glass cloth for this project - 2oz. deck, 4oz. hull?

I know a local custom builder who makes freakishly light S&G boats derived from various existing boats, including CLC and Guillemot, and all of the above were things that came up in conversation with him recently. I would dive right into it, but I don't have the longer-term experience and confidence I'd like to make that decision on my own.