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Posted by Ed NY on May 17, 2007

My advice. Stop worrying and buy the thing as quickly as possible. All the little details can be worked out later. Home Depot or your local hardware store have just about anything you find you ran low on, except maybe clamps. Beg, borrow or steal as many as you can get. The sooner you start building the sooner you get to paddle, that is if the building isn't what you are really after.

I envy you. I've built a Lt 16 and LT 17 and do not have the funds to start a sheerwater.

I did add a day hatch to my 17. Once the hull is built and the temp frames put in,you could cut a cardboard template that matches the hull where you want the extra bulkhead. Then approximate the curve of the top by eye and check with a strip laid across the frames. You could even make it a bit tall, glue it in and then trim to fit.

Alternate plan; after cutting the hatch holes make template snd slip it in to check. Then cut a bulkhead and glue it in. With day hatch hole and main hatch hole you could get to both sides. A small gap can always be filled with schmoo.

I like the day hatch. It avoids having to remove the spray skirt or big hatch underway and lets me store some stuff without cluttering the deck.

Sorry about the long response.

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