Re: would it make sense

Posted by Camper on May 17, 2007

Yes, waves hitting it would be a disadvantage. Hadn't thought of that.

The inconsistency of the wind, in waves, isn't a disadvantage. The wind aft and the wind forward rise and fall at the same time, so they stay in balance.

Lack of underwater lateral resistance (keel etc.) wouldn't be a disadvantage. In fact, avoiding a rudder was the whole idea.

Upwind performance wouldn't be a disadvantage. The primary function of the foil is to create a small uncanceled lateral force (to balance that aft, thus eliminating weathercocking). So, "bad upwind performance", in sailing terms, means it's working correctly. The force vector will have a small forward component as well, helping move the kayak, but this incidental.

Complexity would not be a disadvantage compared to a rudder, the original point of the idea.

It would increase upwind progress (very slightly) not decrease it, except when wind was within a couple points of dead ahead.

Complexity would be a big disadvantage compared to the other alternatives, especially just sitting farther back.

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