would it make sense

Posted by LeeG on May 17, 2007

given the history of kayaks and the desire for low output motors like us to get the most out of our calories I think it would have been done by now. Methinks it's more doable in flat water than in conditions where the the paddler and kayak are dipping up and down below the tops of the waves. Seems to me the air flow would be less than consistant in those conditions and the size of the airfoil would complicate the behaviour of a kayak as it gets hit by water. Me thinks that without a keel, centerboard or rudder any airfoil will reduce upwind progress and complicate a simple craft unnecessarily. Have you expereienced how a lean affects steerage or paddle placement and exit affects the nature of your forward strokes turning component?

In Response to: To foil weathercocking by Camper on May 16, 2007