Re: Sailing kayak

Posted by Camper on May 17, 2007

I refered your question to my friend, Peppy. Peppy says "sailing kayaks are terrific! They sail WAY better than a kayak, and for kayaking, they FAR outperform sailboats in weight, ease of rigging, ease of paddling, you name it!"

I was about to pass this advice on to you, because it sounded very logical. But just then another friend, who we call Eeyore, heard the conversation and offered this opinion: "Sailing kayaks are awful. The don't paddle nearly as well as a kayak. And for sailing? Forget about it--a sailboat will sail rings around it".

This advice seemed equally logical, and I was confused. So I have decided to pass on both opinions, and see if you can figure out which one is correct. Hopefully, with pictures.

Anyway, Peppy says "Good luck!". (By the way, Eeyore added, under his breath "You're gonna need it.)

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