Flush Hatches - M.C. 16.5

Posted by Chris J. on May 16, 2007

I've been reviewing the instructions on the Tips page below as well as previous threads on this topic. I've cut out my hatches and they look good. I'm going to add 1/4" ribs cut to correct radius instead of adding a second layer of 4mm plywood on a form. Any tricks out there for geting these ribs cut to the exact radius so that the hatch closely matches the deck?

If I'm reading the attached instruction page correctly, I think I should just have to add 4mm spacer below deck (hatch doubler and hatch stiffener?) and then glue on a sill under this to support the gasket and hatch.

I'd like to install an under deck shock cord system tyo hold the hatches. Will this type of system apply enough force to crush the 3/8" weatherstrip gasket down so that the top of the hatch will be level with the deck surface? Hope this all makes sense.

Thanks in advance.


Flush Hatch Installation