Re: Two glass questions

Posted by Ron Paro on May 16, 2007


After you wet-out the cloth over a tight angle, such as on the stem, take a sharp razor and make a slice in the wet cloth, length-wise along the stem. Then the cloth will 'stand up' along the stem and you can smooth it back down with a slight overlap.

It's a good idea to layer on a couple of extra 3-4" wide strips of glass which was cut on the bias (45 degrees to the weeve). The bias cut allows the cloth to wrap tightly around an acute angle without lift or pucker.

If your ends are now cured with bubbles under the cloth, then you may want to sand it down enough to remove the bubble and then proceed with the bias cut strips.

As for the open weave question, yes, the cloth can get stretched and pulled, leaving some areas with a loose weave. This can usually be prevented as you spread the dry cloth over the hull by smoothing it, but since yours has been epoxied, you should be able to correct it with light sanding and additional layer{s} of epoxy.

Hope this helps!

In Response to: Two glass questions by Mike on May 16, 2007