Re: Paint, Sand, Varnish

Posted by Shawn on May 15, 2007

Thanks again everyone..

Ever heard that saying.. Day late dollar short? Uh-huh.. I guess I missed your comment yesterday Ron, but add in Ingrids, and it sounds like maybe next year I'll be re-painting the boat.

Last night i used 220 to remove the primer.. which of course filled the paper ever 3 inches.. so i didn't remove enough primer really.. i can see some easy dings/scratches coming.

I selected White for the aesthetics of course, and seeing several CLC boats that way.. I figured it would be Ok.. I didn't realize black would be much more visible. (I love black!)

And I learned last night that I can't paint for beans.. (the blog wasn't updated last night). White has to be the worst color to paint for "perfection". ugh.

Living and Learning (I'd rather be paddling)


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