Re: Most Excellent!!

Posted by Kurt Maurer on May 15, 2007

Hey George, you're on for the crab cake dinner in Maryland -- let's do it!! But who's payin'? OMG, here we go again... Oh wait, here comes John Harris, shhh. (whistling innocently)

And to John, the estimable Mr. Beck Esq. of exquisite hybrid fame I mean: of course I remember you! Okay, well, what I really remember is the crab cake dinner, but you were a salient element of that unforgettable moment in history (hey, at my age, whatever works).

Anyway, thanks for raising your hand. Why, I can even recall your green boat now that you remind me of it, and even connect it to you, Mister Harris, and a wild Saturday evening drive across half the eastern seaboard which ultimately led to a barstool in a cozy little seafood cafe recommended to us by Laszlo for serving the finest classic Maryland-stlye crab cakes the size of softballs.

I can already see where you're gonna be in hot demand for information regarding stain techniques for the woodpox kayak/canoe gang. I reckon you're using analine dye, how'd I do? And have y' got any advice on how I'm gonna work the crab cake thing into this paragraph?

Cheers, Kurt

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