Re: Most Excellent!!

Posted by Laszlo on May 15, 2007

Hey Kurt, we missed you too. Somehow it just wasn't the same without you churning up the water as you went corkscrewing across the river. Shame that teleporters don't exist yet.

It's a date for Okoumefest Friday. We'll see just how much trouble you can get into loaded with crabcakes & beer.

Actually, the judges had a tough time with the selection. The builders outdid themselves this year. There was a harlequin-patterned kayak that just had to be seen to be believed, as well as a really nice hybrid. Then there was a Mill Creek which was sold and gone before the judging could happen. And a bunch more. Look for them when CLC posts the official o-fest pictures.

Looking forward to seeing you next year,


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