Re: Arctic Hawk v.Shearwa

Posted by LeeG on May 14, 2007

you might post your question on for a wide range of paddling experience in four panel hulls.

The A.Hawk has little rocker, with higher ends than the Merganser/Shearwater.

I haven't paddled an A.Hawk in awhile but the general consensus is more weathercocking than the Merganser/Shearwater.

Although the Shearwater/Merganser feels a tad "stuck" in the ends it tracks well and turns smoothly with a lean. I'm guessing the A. Hawk will turn more abuptly on a hard lean than the Shearwater. In waves the straighter keeled A. Hawk will bow bury a bit sooner and the more rockered Shearwater will 'cork up' just as you think the bow is about to bury.

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