Re: Paint, Sand, Varnish

Posted by Ingrid H on May 14, 2007

Your project blog is awesome. I wasn't scared when I first rolled on my primer. I knew for certain that I wanted a painted hull because I didn't want my kayak to look like a wet log floating in the water if i ever got in trouble. I was wondering if you intend to keep going with white. I read in a kayak book that white is one of the least visible colors on the water because it blends in so well with glare off the water and with whitecaps. That same book recomended black for visibility. I went with black. Lobstermen hate kayaks because they get frightened when they find themselves practically on top of a kayak they had not noticed.

I hope you get to launch this weekend. That first launch day is more exciting than the first big snow of the season when you're a kid dying to go sledding!

In Response to: Paint, Sand, Varnish by Shawn on May 14, 2007