Re: Paint, Sand, Varnish

Posted by Shawn on May 14, 2007

Thanks John. So you're saying.. 99.6% of all that primer i added needs/is coming back off.. nice.. now you see, i had a nice finish of epoxy, so i guess i could have stopped priming at the keels, i thought the primer was to help "whiten" the "background" so the over-paint will coat better. Ah.. whats another hour or two..

Ron, I should have stated that I'm using Interlux (pre-Kote) and Brightsides one part, for the paint, and Interlux Schooner varnish for the deck.. I'll call the manufacture and get some "wisdom" from them. But seven days w/o working on or paddling in that kayak.. not a chance! [smirk]

I'll find out if that cold Maine water (sub 50F) does any damage to the paint.


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