Re: Paint, Sand, Varnish

Posted by Chris F on May 14, 2007

Dust presented no problem to me. I used the blue 3M tape and routinely left it on for more than a week. I hear that the cheap stuff needs to be replaced frequently, but the good stuff (3M blue) can usually be left on throughout the paint/ varnish process (unless you plan on spending more than a few weeks on this).

You'll be sanding with a pretty fine grit, and so long as you are careful, you won't ruin the tape. In fact you need the tape during some parts. I varnished my deck and did the paint over edges. If I had removed the tape while lightly sanding the paint for a second coat, I would have risked my shiny varnish.

You'll be in the water next weekend...

In Response to: Paint, Sand, Varnish by Shawn on May 14, 2007