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Posted by Camper on May 11, 2007

Doug, allow one of your more cantankerous forum buddies to disagree, in a friendly way, about Mr. Pentz's scientific credibility.

Mr. Pentz points out among other things that "the medical research is clear there is no safe level of wood dust exposure." So clear, apparently, that the no citation is given for this extraordinary discovery, one that seems on the face of it to be scientifically impossible.

Some of Mr. Pentz's colleagues in the field of pseudo-scientific sources of public health advice can be stopped by the government. These are pushers of phony "cures" that actually kill people, like apricot pits for cancer.

Too bad nothing can be done to stop well-meaning people like Mr. Pentz, who only seek to influence the lives of thousands of people by fabricating research about health RISKS, instead of health benefits.

Best way for the unfortunate Mr. Pentz to help other hobbyists is with reliable, factual information about the real risks and how to manage them, not with enthusiastic, but irresponsible, misinformation.

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