We've used both

Posted by Charlie Jones on May 7, 2007

EasyPoxy and Brightsides. I'm not terribly sold on Brightsides, although I'm going to use it on a boat I'm currently building. I like the easypoxy better.

BUT, my wife is the one who does the finish work on our boats ( other than hull exteriors) and she claims the EasyPoxy is harder to work without sags and or brush marks, than the Brightsides.

I do know that some colors of Brightsides are very thin and take several coats to achieve coverage- the blues took at least four coats to hide stuff underneath. Of course, you need quite thin coats with it anyway, so I guess that's fine. Just a point to be aware of. The whites in both seem to cover VERY well.

If and when I use either, I do it from a spray gun *grin*- SHE rolls and tips.

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