Re: Nonstick to epoxy?

Posted by Ken Leffert on May 6, 2007

Wouldn't be something that I'd try if it were my boat (and I'm pretty darn picky about my boat), but that wasn't really your question, so....

I've had good luck using brush-on liquid latex as a release agent for epoxy on some smaller projects on my boat..... the stuff I've used is called 'Mold Builder' made by Castin' Craft and is available at Michael's Arts and Crafts. I believe its used a lot in ceramic casting. You brush it on and let it dry, it turns into a thin film like a latex glove (or any other latex product you might be familiar with), and freshly applied epoxy doesn't stick to it. If you apply the liquid latex to a cured epoxy surface, it comes right off when you're done, doesn't leave any film or anything behind that I can tell.

Does anybody know of a good release agent for silicone caulk???? The liquid latex doesn't work for that.

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