Re: Shearwater 17 Deck Fi

Posted by Gene Prather on May 6, 2007

Thanks Shawn,

After posting the question I looked at the photo gallery of the Shearwater on the CLC web site. Several clearly show that the top edge of the hull sides extend beyond the edges of the deck at the bow. It appears that some epoxy and shaping will handle it just fine.

I just finished the trial fit with the wires and everything looks good except at the front and rear temp forms in the hull. With the hull tight against the form the hull sides stick out past the lower edges of the shear panel. Several inches either side of the form the hull sides and shear panel line up nicely. You can put a 6" straight edge against the side at the form and rock it, indicating a hard spot in the side.

Next step is to remove the forms and trim a little.

Your boat looks great in the photos.


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