Re: cartopping long boats

Posted by Jay on May 6, 2007

I agree. I even recently bought some new thule racks, and the kid behind the counter had the nerve to suggest that it would be ok to drive without strapping down the bow and stern.

I've been on top of the cooper river bridge here in Charleston, with a strong cross wind, and have watched the bow of my CH16 shift by several inches left to right of center, and could feel my truck being pushed sideways as if by "sail."

as long as long as I have at least a redundant strap system, I know that my yak won't leave the vehicle. I would be devastated if it were reduced to toothpicks, but moreso if it decapitated someone behind me.

those pictures can only be that. staged for a better view of the boat. I have seen others actually driving around town without extra straps. two thin straps don't obstruct my view enough while driving to put myself, my yak, or others at risk.


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