Re: Glassing the MC 16.5

Posted by LeeG on May 4, 2007

IIRC there was a CLC MC16.5 that had an unglassed 3mm deck that was damaged multiple times and finally replaced with a glassed 4mm deck. BIG difference between unglassed 3mm and 4mm.

The issue with glassing a 4mm sea kayak deck is because it's assumed the deck will be subjected to more point loading from bodies, hulls and paddle shafts being dragged across it during rescues. If it's not then it's less critical. A rec. kayak like a Mill Creek is probably not going to be used as roughly or subjected to the same kind of impacts.

If you don't have the glass it's snot a great failing to not use it. The most significant reason for using 4oz-6oz glass for the rec. kayaks is that once you've applied 5coats of varnish over the two or three coats of sanded epoxy it sure would be nice to not have a little ding or flexing in the wood to open up tiny, tiny cracks that allow water to stain the wood with dark streaks. With some glass under all those layers of epoxy and varnish you're more likely to retain a near new appearance years down the line.

Applying two or three THIN sealing coats under the decks before installation is better than one goopy thick one.

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