Re: I built a floatation

Posted by Randy on May 3, 2007


Thanks for your response. That's a great box (loved the boom rest too)! It looks like it comes back to about the point I'm thinking of extending the deck to. Presumably it doesn't interfere with operations, which was another concern I had with my idea.

Thanks for your mention of the side deck flotation...I've been squirreling away foam for that very purpose.

May I prevail upon your good nature to ask another question? I suppose I could wait until after I've sailed the boat to figure this one out, but I'd like to install an auto-bailer on each side of the bottom. It would seem that the widest part of the beam would be where the most water would collect when the boat is heeled and under way. Does that jive with your experience?

Many thanks, Randy

In Response to: I built a floatation box by Charlie Jones on May 2, 2007