I built a floatation box

Posted by Charlie Jones on May 2, 2007

up in the bow. We found that the bow would NOT self rescue because the bows are so fine that water would come in faster than you could bail after a capsize. The box I built adds significant floataion way up front, AND adds some storage. I left if several inches clear of the sole, so we could stow an anchor under there.

Also, John recommends floatation (foam) added under the side decks to help keep the boat floating higher after self righting.

I suspect you could add a hatch into the top of that rear compartment so you could access the space- Be sure it can be dogged tight and gasket it. Although when we capsized the boat ( on purpose ) the stern didn't go under- the boat laid flat on the water with the masts keeping it from turtling.

I have intentions of adding a third mast step up front, half way between the two masts, so we can sail with one sail. Our winds here are often to the point where the boat is overpowered with us as crew- My wife and I together only go 275 pounds. *grin*

Can't comment on the sides of the dagger board- we haven't found it to be a problem- you are often gonna sit on the boats bottom anyway.


In Response to: John's Sharpie deck mods by Randy on May 2, 2007