Re: TKBB 07

Posted by Kurt Maurer on May 1, 2007

Yeah, THANKS to CLC for their participation! Hear! Hear! By golly, I won one of those Shinto rasp plane tool thingies!!

(For the first time ever, we organizers were as eligible as anyone else to win a door prize, and I happened to be drawn for just exactly what I wanted (needed) most! It's almost breathtaking how much a little thing like this can make you feel like an honest-to-goodness attendee who is actually allowed to have fun. I still don't know how to act.)

Hey, George -- have you taken your Pygmy t-shirt off yet? I couldn't help but notice you didn't quite get around to mentioning that you won one too, and how proud you were of it (he squealed like a little girl when his name was called). Oh, I'm sorry, that was probably not very tactful of me, was it? But maybe that's what you get for calling me an Alka-Seltzer.

Um, seriously folks, it was just too much FUN! George and Mike and Doug... I could hang out with any of 'em all day long. And that guy with the Saran Wrap kayak is my good friend and fellow Houstonian Steve Ulrich, of Q-USA fame. Yeah, he's weird, but who claims to be Mister Normal around here? How can you not love a hobby (read: passion) like this when everyone - and I mean everyone - in it is so totally COOL? Shoot, I have yet to scare up a dud in the crowd!

Oh, and let's get one thing straight: we can talk about other small boat building outfits here on the CLC Forum freely. It's perfectly okay to extoll the virtues of the fine designs offered by Pygmy Boats, B&B Designs, et al. Why, I say


Whoops, sorry folks, but an error has occurred. We're working on it and will get right back to what Kurt was saying ASAP. But for now, back to your regularly scheduled programming. - J. Harris

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