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Posted by Jay on May 1, 2007


from what I've experienced, I would highly suggest contacting the manufacturer of the varnish. I used the Interlux Schooner Varnish, and was told that you couldn't use an HVLP gun for application, because of "orange peel." At the same time, I couldn't find a conventional spray gun (siphon or gravity fed) with a nozzle size that they required, .89-1.4 mm. I ended up using a 1.5 mm tip with 50-60 PSI on the regulator, and an in line regulator set around 8 PSI at the gun. Used 216 Special thinner, which I think was the real trick to it, and just tried it. I would be curious to use an HVLP gun, and I do have one, so I hope to get a chance soon to try it and let everyone know how that works out. The conventional sprayer did fog the heck out of my shop (1200 S.F. with a 24 ft. ceiling) in a short amount of time. So invest in a good respirator even if you spray outdoors, good goggles, and cover anything you don't want varnished. typically, I would think that most of the overspray would dry in it's atomized state before it settles on any surface, but I wouldn't want to find out the hard way. Overall, I was completely satisfied with the finish, but as a side note, this wasn't the first time I'd used a spray gun, just the first time running varnish through one. Anyone with specific questions, can contact me at ironmonger_sc@hotmail.


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