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Posted by LeeG on Apr 30, 2007

Devon, it looks great. If you're making your own rudder check out the design at

Given your experience paddling it without a rudder you've fast forwarded a lot of skills development. I would strongly suggest that whatever rudder you put on that you retain fixed footbraces and make or install pivoting footbrace controls. If there's enough clearance above the existing Yakimas you can install hinges and flaps on top of them that the rudder controls can connect to. You don't want to lose the connection to the hull that you've developed with fixed braces by installing push/pull sliding footbraces, especially in a tippy boat.

My $.02 is that the Feathercraft double rudder isn't deep enough for paddling in ocean waves mounted high off the upswept stern of the sport tandem. With the highly rockered hull the bottom of the Feathercraft rudder barely clears the bottom of the keeline.

You might consider this one

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