Re: how's it handle

Posted by Devon Horning on Apr 28, 2007

Hi Abe,

It really handles very well, although i am new to kayaking and i can't judge it against anything else. It is very fast and easy to paddle. When i first got in it i was sure that i had built something that would dump me right out, since it only has a 22" beam and also with two people in it it can feel a bit tippy, however my wife and i have not gone swimming yet and we have covered alot of distance.

I need to work on a rudder which would help with the steering. I don't have a problem with the steering now after a bit of practice but when my friend took it out he couldn't get it to go in a straight line. I think that was just him since i have found it to be quite responsive and easy to handle.

When we were in FL we were primarily on smooth water and the one day when we were covering some open water in the gulf and there were some pretty big waves it was a struggle. We don't have spay skirts yet so the waves were crashing right into the cabin and making life no fun, but we made it okay.

We are really enjoying our boat, it is loaded on top of the car right now since we were out last night and may go again this evening. It is very fast, and sporty, but i do feel like we have to work a bit with it because of it's racy design. It's okay for us though since we have paddled it a bit we feel quite comfortable with it.



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