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Posted by Robert N Pruden on Apr 27, 2007

Consider how agressively you will be using your boat. Will you be making rough landings on rock/coarse sand/ice? Will you launch likewise? Will you be able to control where your keel goes to avoid damage? If you will have hazzard-free launches/landings, then you should apply 3-5 layers of glass strips to each end, approximately 5-ft in length (based on my own experience). The first strip applied should be wide enough to allow for a 2" overlay on the sides of the hull. The next strip should be a little narrower, etc, etc. Use epoxy to fill all the edges to make it nice. Bear in mind that each layer of glass strip you apply will blur the color of the wood a little.

If you need a reinforced keel, do what I did: find 1/4" half round brass strips (at local metal shops, called stem bands in boat shops), screw and glue them to the keel, which should be sanded flat to the width of the stem band (should be 1/4 "). Use 5' lengths if you can find them. I am rough with my Waters dancing Lightning 17 and found only the brass stem bands capable of protecting the keel adequately. My friends call my kayak the "ice-breaker", which is exactly why I did it up that way. ;)

Robert N Pruden

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