more than one type epoxy?

Posted by Tracy on Apr 27, 2007

I am making a chesepeak double kayak. But I'm running low on funds, so when I saw the price of the epoxy at a local store I only bought a very small amount to get started with. It was west system. I thought that would give me enough to get it put togather then I could buy some more to actually coat the outside.

But my question is if I start with west system will it matter if I swich to, Raka or something else later?

If any one has a suggestion about the best epoxy to get at an affordable price I would love to hear it them. (If I'm not supposed to ask that here, I'm sorry, no offence intended to clc or members.)

I do not want to sacrifice my kayaks quality to my desire to be cheap I was just really hoping to get the thing in the water by July 4th.

it will be a bright finish but with a bit of paint for intrest I think.

thank you for your help.