50F and chance of rain...

Posted by Shawn on Apr 27, 2007

Tell me no, tell me go.

In the words of Jim Carey... "Somebody stop me!"

Our weather [04422] is going to be ill for the next week.. 50's and chance of rain. I'm itching to 'glass the inside of my Shearwater and just read a bunch [here] about using lights to warm things up. I'll wait a week if there's a chance I'm going to goof up the glass on the inside of this craft. But if the high-humidity and cool temps are just going to "slow" the curing and not stop it.. I'll march merrily ahead. The MAS website says the SLOW stuff that CLC sends in the kits is fine for high-humidity, are they talking hot South humidity?? Or did they include us cold and clammy Yankees in that?

Should I wet-out and light-up!

Or... get out and lock-up.

I'll do whatever you say... just as long as I agree with you. [smirk]