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Posted by Jim L on Apr 26, 2007

With every coat of paint, the dull areas (usually several of them here and there)appear in different places. Some of the patterns are seperated by one circumference of the roller I'm using, so that would suggest that I'm running the roller too dry; but I don't think I am. There is plenty of paint being applied, but I can't seem to get the surface unifomly "wet" using either the roller or a foam brush.

This is my third boat and I anticipated varnishing the hull on all three of them but, alas, I have not yet fabricated a hull I consider varnish worthy. So, I only varnish the deck, and paint the hull to cover my various mistakes. On my first two boats (CH 17 & CH 16) I ended up having to do a lot of work on the painted hulls with rubbing compound & car polish to get a finish that, although no longer glossy, is at least uniform. I see the same result coming on the current boat (SW 17 H) unless someone has a suggestion I can try to get a glossy finish without dull areas. I don't actually mind the semi-gloss appearance so much as I dread all the rubbing compound work!

Jim L

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